Top 10 Nintendo 3DS Games

Some games are created more for pleasure than for money. The lucky ones who have played Nintendo 3DS games understand this. Games for this console had their unique charm, unforgettable even after many years. So we suggest you feel a little nostalgia and remember the 10 best games for Nintendo 3DS.

10th place: Shin Megami Tensei 4

Get ready to fight back against the dark threat in the Shin Megami Tensei 4 role-playing game. Take on the role of a samurai, one of the young defenders of the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado, and go through a thorny path taking you far from home. Fight demons threatening the capital, rescue exhausted people under the demonic siege, and discover an accurate history of your homeland! As in previous Shin Megami Tensei games, you can command your demons during battles and improve their capabilities and characteristics. 

Focus your efforts on your opponent’s weaknesses during a battle to perform more actions in your turn. Carry out demonstration attacks to increase your demon’s attacking abilities and smooth out their shortcomings. This way, you can tip the scales in your favor on the battlefield. But be careful because sometimes your opponents use the same tactics! You don’t always have to get into a fight: just talk to some enemies to conclude a truce or get them on your side.

Even Death can be tricked if you persuade Charon, the carrier of the souls of the dead, to let you go from the afterlife. Of course, you need enough coins to do that. In general, freedom of choice is one of the primary advantages of this game.

9th place: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call is a dynamic rhythm game combining music from Final Fantasy with RPG elements. Demonstrate reaction wonders while playing grandiose tracks to gain valuable items, deal bludgeoning damage to your enemies, enjoy extended versions of your favorite tracks, and get many experience points! Level up your team with CollectaCards, earned for competing songs and winning battles, and improve your character’s characteristics in Collecta Crystarium. You can also find a perfect team due to various character traits and skills.

8th place: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

In a vast world stretching so far you can’t even look at it; battles against evil await you in the epic Xenoblade Chronicles 3D role-playing game. Your homeworld underwent a devastating attack. Your thirst for vengeance forces you to embark on a journey, taking you to strange and unusual lands over the horizon. Treasure and danger are waiting for you at any step. You will fight with old enemies, make new friends, and face your destiny. Do you have the power to change your future, or is your race doomed to extinction? It’s up to you.

7th place: Metroid: Samus Returns

The Metroid series has spawned the entire gaming genre. The primary innovation of Samus Returns is the ability to aim in any direction using a stick and counterattack. Armored enemies have also been added to the game, and they can only be “dismantled” by reflecting their blow in time. This dramatically slows down the gameplay and passing through the locations because you have to stop at each such enemy. In addition, almost all of them are repainted versions of themselves so moving from one such alien monster to another is no fun.

6th place: Super Mario 3D Land

This chart would not be complete without the legendary plumber. Super Mario 3D Land has everything fans of the first Mario platform games loved, but now the action takes place in three dimensions. Run, jump, defeat enemies, pass level by, and enjoy a head-spinning sense of depth, distance, and speed. The game has both new and familiar features, making the gameplay of this adventure genuinely unique. Complete the gameplay from beginning to end, up to the famous end-of-level flag using Mario’s favorite moves, or try to use his new abilities in challenging situations if you are brave enough to find secrets and pass through hidden paths.

5th place: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is an epic RPG with a massive world for you to explore. In this game, you will immerse yourself in a large-scale adventure with a deep storyline as a hunter who accompanies a caravan and is sworn to protect humans from the wild monsters prowling around. Choose your prey, hunt it down, and deal with it using a rich arsenal of weapons and various tactical moves. You’ll find abundant content with plenty of weapons and armor you can build and upgrade and dozens of unseen monsters to fight. 

4th place: Pokemon Sun & Moon

The Pokémon universe needs no introduction, as it is a true classic. These strong, brave, loyal, and at the same time, cute creatures have won the hearts of millions of people worldwide, so they have deserved their niche in popular culture, including games. Just like in previous games of the series, the player-controlled character travels the game world and collects various Pokémon, using them to fight other Pokémon. Sun & Moon action is set in the Alola Archipelago. There are 81 new Pokémon in Sun & Moon, as well as new forms for them, powerful attacks, dangerous opponents, enhanced battle mechanics, and the development of tame Pokémon.

3rd place: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies

The Ace Attorney series of games has spawned the entire meme culture. Even if you’ve never had a Nintendo 3DS and never played this game, you have definitely seen screenshots on the Internet. This visual novel has episodes divided into two stages: an investigation and a trial. The investigation stage comes down to exploring the crime scene and other related locations, collecting evidence and information about the case from other characters. Sometimes the player needs to use one of the protagonists’ specific mechanics: Apollo Justice can use his bracelet to see nervous ticks, and Phoenix Wright can show another character a magatama to reveal the “mental locks,” showing that the surface is hiding something.

2nd place: BoxBoy!

If you like puzzles and platformers, you definitely must play this game. Even critics have praised BoxBoy! The goal of the player is to get Qbby to the end of a level by navigating through obstacle-filled stages (parts of sets of stages called “worlds”). Each world focuses on a specific game mechanic. For example, one world introduces stages containing deadly lasers.

Another introduces cranes to transport a character, etc. The main gameplay mechanic is Qbby’s ability to create boxes and use them to overcome obstacles. The packages are made one at a time and can be connected. The maximum number of connected boxes depends on each stage. The game is very entertaining and loved by many gamers worldwide.

1st place: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds can delight you with fascinating puzzles and dungeons. The gameplay in this game is entirely new, with a wide range of gameplay options available to the player. As in the other games of the series, you need to pass through dangerous dungeons, but you can choose from a certain point what dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds to give next and how to pass it. You will also meet Ravio, a new character playing a vital role in the game. In Ravio’s Shop, you can rent or buy items necessary for your adventures, such as crampons, a bow, or a hammer. Most items are available almost at the start of the game, and you can decide what things to buy or rent. Even these days, this game looks great, and it was a true masterpiece at the time of release.