Top 10 Game Boy Color Games With The Best Graphics

Graphics of modern ААА-projects sometimes look more beautiful than reality. However, the game industry started from something, and even at the beginning of its inception, the developers tried to get the most out of their small opportunities. The games for Game Boy Color are proof of the developer’s efforts to make beautiful graphics even on old consoles with limited capabilities. We are going to tell you about these games.

10th place: Donkey Kong Country

The goal of this game is to complete 40 stages and bring the banana supply stolen by the Kremlings back. Each level is unique and has different tasks, such as swimming, riding mining wagons, or flying between cannons. The player loses a life point if they touch any opponent or fall off the screen. Opponents can be destroyed by jumping on their heads, throwing barrels scattered around the stage at them, or using a flip. The game has addictive gameplay, as well as excellent graphics for the time of its release, and the jungle atmosphere pleases the eye and appeals to the adventure.

9th place: Wario Land 3

Wario was traveling in his private plane, but it crashed during the journey, and he was forced to make an emergency landing. On land, he finds shelter in a cave and a music box inside it, transporting him to a strange world. The protagonist must complete various tasks to find the treasure and return home. Find the five little music boxes as quickly as possible, avoid enemies and other dangers during the tour to overcome all difficulties, and enjoy the magnificent graphics, appreciated even by modern pixel-art gamers.

8th place: Harvest Moon GB

Every game in the Harvest Moon series always starts with a character taking ownership of an old abandoned farm and having to revive it from scratch (it is reminiscent of some popular PC games, isn’t it?). The player controls not the farm, but the protagonist, moving him around the locations, doing the necessary work for him, etc. The events take place in real time. During the daytime, the character has to do all the planned tasks because the work at night brings the regime down and harms health. When working, the character gets tired, and you need to recover his strength from time to time, resting in hot springs or eating. Otherwise, the farmer may lose consciousness and will have to spend the entire day in the hospital. The game is excellent for those who like to spend evenings playing and for fans of beautiful retro graphics. The game is very well done with a visual component; you can see it even in the screenshots.

7th place: Mario Tennis

Could there be a better combination than classic tennis with well-known rules and classic Mario? Of course, if you add beautiful and vivid graphics to it, it can. These graphics could please the eye of even the most sophisticated gamers at the time of its release in 2001. The game also features a story mode where you can play as Nina or Alex and defeat Mario, a favorite in the game of tennis. The story mode is full of different dialogues and events, so this game is more than just tennis.

6th place: Resident Evil Gaiden

The action takes place in 2000 on a ship, a hidden laboratory of the Umbrella Corporation, where research on the development of the T-virus, a biological weapon, was conducted. An accident occurs, and the ship’s inhabitants become mutants because of the virus. Leon Kennedy, one of the protagonists of the Resident Evil series, is ordered to explore Starlight. In this ocean liner, Umbrella is rumored to work on a new bio-organic weapon type. This game can enthrall you with an exciting storyline, addictive gameplay, and great graphics.

5th place: Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

The legendary plumber needs no introduction because even people far from the world of games know him. The original version of Super Mario Bros. has become a real hit, and its port for Game Boy Color kept all its advantages. This game allows you not only to play the legendary game but also to enjoy the improved graphics. It is a great choice to spend a few evenings.

4th place: Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal

The fictional universe of the games is alternate modernity, but instead of animals, it is inhabited by Pokémon; the creatures look like ordinary animals but with supernatural abilities. People called Pokémon trainers must catch and train them to participate in battles. Trainers do not participate in games directly, only their Pokémon fight. Trainers give them commands on what attack or ability to use. All three games have exciting gameplay and can please with beautiful graphics. Naturally, these games have been a commercial success.

3rd place: The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages/Seasons

The games can be played in any sequence, but according to the official timeline, the events of the Oracle of Seasons precede the Oracle of Ages. Both games have the same game engine, but the gameplay of Oracle of Ages focuses more on solving puzzles than Oracle of Seasons, which focuses on battles with enemies. Each game can interact with the other through passwords or a unique Game Link Cable accessory. Despite the many differences between these games, the one thing they have in common is excellent graphics. When the games were released, they looked gorgeous, and fans of pixel art and retro graphics can still find an outlet in them.

2nd place: The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX

After the events of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages Link embarks on a new journey. Caught in a storm, the protagonist’s ship is wrecked, and he recovers on the island of Koholint. Like most games in The Legend of Zelda series, Link’s Awakening is an adventure game focused on exploring the world around the protagonist and fighting. Most of the game process is shown above. The player travels through Koholint Island, fighting monsters and exploring underground dungeons. The dungeons gradually become more extensive and more complex. Each one contains a boss the player must defeat. This game has retained all the advantages of The Legend of Zelda series (although the plot and setting in this game are pretty different), and the good graphics are deservedly listed among them.

1st place: Metal Gear Solid

By the plot, Metal Gear Solid is a direct sequel to Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, telling the story of an anti-terrorist operation at a nuclear weapons disposition based on the fictional island Shadow Moses in Fox Archipelago, captured by a group of special forces from the FOXHOUND unit. The game protagonist, Solid Snake, must enter the base, rescue the hostages, and prevent the terrorists from launching a nuclear strike. The cinematic, fascinating plot, tense atmosphere and beautiful graphics may encourage modern gamers to play this game, even though it was released more than 20 years ago.